Wakeboarding is the best fun on water!

Sometimes described as a mix of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, wakeboarding involves the use of a single board towed behind our specially designed boat.

The rider has rubber bindings fixed to the board to keep their feet in place while they ride the boat's wake.

Extremely easy to learn and is a great way to get fit and have fun!

wakeboard sessions

Ullswater Wake & Surf can offer you one-to-one coaching focused completely on you.

Each session is 30min long. It's packed with top quality coaching, support and advice. We'll have you wakeboarding in no time!


We have great experience in providing coaching for all levels, from beginner to advanced. All levels are welcome.


Our qualified coaches are trained to offer you a relaxing and enjoyable way to learn wakeboarding on one of the UK's most beautiful lakes. 


We have all the right kit to make it happen!

  • Professional coaching

  • Wakeboards and bindings for all levels

  • Wetsuits for all

  • Buoyancy aids

  • Mastercraft x2 wake and surf boat

useful info...
How long are sessions, and do I need to book in advance?

A normal wakeboard session will be 30 minutes.

Please book in advance. If you are planning on booking a block of sessions, please ask about our multi-session deals!

who can do it?

Wakesurfing can be done by anyone. There's no real age limit but we like to suggest that  8 years old is a good age for children to start learning. For children 4-7 years old we offer the Dolphin Rider as a first experience.

Can i make a group booking?

We can take up to 5 people on our wakeboarding boat.

Can my family come and watch?

We can take up to 5 people on our wakeboarding boat - this can be a mix of people including spectators and wakeboarders if you choose. Or it can be all wakeboarders. The choice is yours.

what gear do i need?

We have everything you'll need from westuits to boards to bouyancy aids. All equipment is included in the price of your session. All we recommend is that you bring your 'swimmies' and towel to get dry afterwards!

Weather questions...

We wakeboard in all weathers! The only time we will cancel a session is if we regard the conditions as dangerous. You can find out more about our cancellation policy here.

Can we stay nearby?

There are lots of places to stay in the Lake District see here.

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07545 707 581 - Wake Surf Enquiries
07718 234 923 - Paddle Board Enquiries
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